Black Rock

Black Rock Beach is situated on the Maputaland Coast close to the lake chain system of Kosi Bay. The prominent rock formation on the point give Black rock it’s name The Beach itself is pristine and untouched and visitor often have the beach entirely to themselves. The snorkeling in the bay is fantastic with many species of fish to be seen. If you are into lying on the beach and tanning, Black Rock is ideal.For fishermen, the bay offers excellent sea fly fishing and rock and surf angling opportunities. In addition The more adventurous can launch fishing skis and behind back line awaits some of the best shallow water game fishing along the coast.

To get to Black Rock, you need a 4×4 vehicle and directions from one of the camps in the area. Most of the lodges in the area including Kosi Forest Lodge, Kosi Bay Lodge, Rocktail Bay Lodge, Thonga Lodge and others offer day and half day excursions to this beautiful spot.

If you are planning to drive there, it is worth noting that you will require a permit from the KZN Wildlife offices at Kosi Bay, don’t make the mistake that the author did and travel halfway there before being turned back!